JOEY'S LEGACY - Promoting the Animal-Human Bond

Joey's Legacy has assembled America's first nationwide network of veterinary experts and animal law attorneys whose mission is to hold practitioners of veterinary medicine accountable for negligence that results in the permanent injuries and deaths of our pet companions. Most veterinarians are caring and compassionate individuals, well-suited for the profession. There is a minority of veterinarians that place profits before quality care for their patients.

Best-selling author JL Robb (www.the-end-the-book-the has decided to write a "tell-all" book about some of the issues that exist in veterinary medicine today. The book will be available on his website above, and at, Barnes and Noble and other booksellers. Book release will be in December 2020, and pre-orders begin October 1. The book is a must read for all animal advocates.

Please visit our Facebook group "Joey's Legacy-VetMal Victims" for more information and updates on the book. You can also send an email to and ask to be added to the list.

VetMal Victims 5.1

Joey: A Victim of Veterinary Negligence--2005 to 2017

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