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    The veterinary profession is a glorious one, and most professionals are caring and compassionate individuals who provide quality care for their patients. Joey's Legacy grieves pet companions that have fallen victim to veterinary negligence, be it permanent injury or death.

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    As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose purpose is advocacy for your companion animals, we have assembled some of the brightest minds in the area of veterinary medicine, grief counseling and animal law that assist those that come to us with claims of veterinary negligence that cause the permanent injury or death of their loved ones.


Joey, our beloved 12-year-old dachshund, died on June 21, 2017, at a veterinary hospital in Fort Myers, Florida. A veterinarian, who decided to diagnose Joey’s condition without the benefit of diagnostic tests, guessed wrong and gave Joey a shot of a drug called Convenia, manufactured by Zoetis, and is typically used for skin and soft tissue infections. Zoetis states that the drug should never be used in animals with renal dysfunction, lactating animals and animals less than six weeks old. Convenia is a drug known to be nephrotoxic in these situations.

When Joey returned to the hospital the next morning, after his condition deteriorated overnight, his regular veterinarian (who wasn’t at the hospital the day before) actually relied on his medical training and performed labs, which showed early stage renal failure. He immediately hospitalized Joey and did the best he could to save Joey. The next day, June 21, 2017, Joey’s veterinarian called us and told us that his prognosis was poor. His breathing was extremely labored, and he couldn’t stand. We had to make the horrible decision to euthanize him. We watched as Joey took his last breath, an image my wife and I will never forget.

I was advised by independent veterinarians, during the preparation of my complaint to the Florida Board of Veterinary Medicine, that if labs had been performed quickly (about 30 hours earlier) there were renal-friendly drugs available that could have been given that would have offered Joey a chance to survive that veterinary experience. Joey’s death was the result of an arrogant narcissist whose ego interfered with his many decades of experience, in my opinion.

The probable cause panel of the Florida vet board found enough evidence to move forward with a formal complaint against the shameless vet, who had been in trouble multiple times previously. At the final hearing in December 2018, Joey’s vet stood before the board, weeping like a child and begging for another chance which, of course, he was given thanks to the spineless members of the Florida vet board, who would much rather protect a guilty colleague from harm than offer solace and justice to a bereaved companion animal parent by imposing firm and fair disciplinary action. The more serious count of practice below the standard of care was dismissed, and the recordkeeping violations count was sustained, with minimal disciplinary action imposed. This is to be expected with corrupt Boards of Veterinary Medicine across our country that only care about protecting their own.



Here is all paperwork you should request from the veterinarian:

SOAPS (medical notes)
Client communications
Surgery reports
Anesthesia logs
Dental Logs
Dental X-rays
All bloodwork results (results before the incident are also helpful to
determine pre-incident baseline)
Medications prescribed
Hospital treatment sheets
X-rays of chest and or abdomen
Any advanced imaging such as CT/MRI
Board-certified specialist (Radiologist) reports
Referral information – Did the pet go to a specialty hospital and all records
as above
Any additional documents or information such as signed permission forms,
informed consent forms, discharge instructions, client handouts 

BY LAW, you are entitled to receive your companion animal’s medical records within a reasonable period of time, typically three business days. Beware of excuses galore as to why you can’t have them, or that there will be a delay. For example, “the doctor is out of town”, “the records need to be reviewed before we give them to you”, “we don’t keep those kinds of records” and many others. Typically, professionally-operated offices will not hesitate to provide you a copy of the records. They have nothing to hide. When you meet resistance, consider that to be a red flag (in most cases) that there is more going on than what meets the eye. Unfortunately, when a practice realizes they may be under investigation for negligence or malpractice, they will hesitate to provide records and may actually falsify records in an attempt to cover up their malpractice. Sadly, we see this too often. 

BE VERY CAREFUL when posting on social media sites. Only state irrefutable facts (facts that can be proven) rather than comments that could be considered defamatory toward the practitioner, especially after you have filed a lawsuit against the veterinarian. 

We Can Help

Joey’s assistance process is as follows: 

1. Joey’s Legacy is found through a Google search, a referral from a friend or family member who had a bad experience with a vet, or perhaps even by the referral of a new veterinarian who is now taking care of your companion animal because the former veterinarian maltreated him/her. We are finding more and more ethical veterinarians referring victims to us so that we can pursue justice against the former veterinarian. We call this the  “slow disintegration of the brotherhood”, and it’s only a matter of time until more and more ethical veterinarians refer these bad actors to us because they are tired of the reputation of their profession being tarnished by deceptive scoundrels who alter medical records to cover their malpractice. If you call one of our attorneys for assistance first, they will ask you to contact us because, without an independent veterinary review of your case, they will not agree to engage with you.

2. Contact Joey’s Legacy by e-mail at info@joeyslegacy.org or by phone at (803) 520-7566. 

3. We will ask you to e-mail all medical records to one of our veterinarians for a review. Most reviews cost between $75 and $150 for up to 30 pages of documents, although the cost may be a bit higher if there are more pages of documents or if your case is unusually complicated.

4. If our veterinary team finds negligence or malpractice, they will offer to write an opinion letter, which typically costs $75 and up, and on average about $175. This letter is presented to one of our attorneys in the state where the allegations of misconduct took place for review and to offer legal remedies. When a veterinary opinion letter (also called a “Certificate of Merit) is written, in almost all situations your case will settle out of court. There may be an opportunity for punitive damages for fraud if you can prove the veterinarian falsified records or committed other acts of fraud. Please discuss this, and any other circumstances of your case, with your attorney. There are some legal options that will allow you to fully recover your veterinary costs without any additional cost on your part.

5. Fees charged by our veterinarians and attorneys are usually well below fees you’ll find outside of Joey’s Legacy; that is, if you can even find someone that will review your records.

6. Joey’s Legacy currently does not request a fee for its referral services. We are a 501c3 nonprofit public charity that relies on donations to keep our monthly expenses paid.

7. Many of our members say that they could eventually find a path to forgiveness, and not seek any legal remedies, if they were treated with dignity and respect in the aftermath of the tragic outcome. “Bad actors (liars) are their own worst enemies, and invariably create a much worse situation by lying to a client about what happened during a procedure or surgery. As they say, “honesty is the best policy” and, unfortunately, a lot of veterinarians that we sue learn that the hard way.

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We Seek to Hold Practitioners Accountable, Responsible and Liable!

Joey’s Legacy is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose purpose is advocacy for our companion animals. Best-selling author JL Robb has begun a series of books on veterinary negligence and malpractice called, “Joey’sLegacy-Truth and Integrity in Veterinary Medicine”. Volume One was released in February 2021. and Volume Two was released in December 2021. These books may be purchased at JL Robb’s website https://www.the-end-the-book-the-series.com/joeys-legacy and at Amazon, Amazon.au (Australia), Amazon.ca (Canada) and Amazon.uk (United Kingdom). The hard cover version retails for $35.95, and the soft cover version retails for $23.95. Inquire about bulk discounts.

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Joey’s Legacy grieves pet companions that have fallen victim to veterinary negligence, be it permanent injury or death. Our nationwide network of veterinary experts and animal law attorneys seeks to hold negligent practitioners responsible for their mistakes.

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