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    The veterinary profession is a glorious one, and most professionals are caring and compassionate individuals who provide quality care for their patients. Joey's Legacy grieves pet companions that have fallen victim to veterinary negligence, be it permanent injury or death.

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    As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose purpose is advocacy for your companion animals, we have assembled some of the brightest minds in the area of veterinary medicine, grief counseling and animal law that assist those that come to us with claims of veterinary negligence that cause the permanent injury or death of their loved ones.


Joey, our beloved 12-year-old dachshund, died on June 21, 2017, at a veterinary hospital in Fort Myers, Florida. A veterinarian, who decided to diagnose Joey’s condition without the benefit of diagnostic tests, guessed wrong and gave Joey a shot of a drug called Convenia, manufactured by Zoetis, and typically used for skin and soft tissue infection. Zoetis states that the drug should never be used in animals with renal dysfunction. Convenia is a drug known to be nephrotoxic in these situations.

When Joey returned to the hospital the next morning, after obvious deterioration of his condition, his regular vet (who wasn’t at the hospital the day before) actually relied on his medical training and performed labs, which showed renal issues. He immediately hospitalized Joey and did the best he could to save him. The next day, June 21, 2017, he called us and told us that his prognosis was poor. His breathing was extremely labored, and he couldn’t stand. We had to make the horrible decision to relieve him of his suffering.

I was advised by independent veterinarians, during the preparation of my complaint to the Florida vet board, that if labs had been performed immediately (the day before, about 30 hours earlier) that there were renal-friendly drugs that could have been given that would have given Joey a chance to survive that veterinary experience.

The complaint was filed with the Florida vet board, and their probable cause panel found enough evidence to move forward with a formal complaint against the vet, who had been in trouble multiple times previously. At the final hearing, 15 months later, the vet stood before the board, weeping like a child and begging for another chance which, of course, he was given. The more serious count of practice below the standard of care was dismissed, and the record-keeping violations count was sustained, with minimal disciplinary imposed. This is to be expected with corrupt Boards of Veterinary Medicine that only care about protecting their own.

We Can Help

Joey’s assistance process is as follows: if someone has lost a beloved companion animal as a result of what he/she believes is negligence or malpractice, Joey’s Legacy is found through a Google search or perhaps a referral from a friend who had a bad experience with a vet. We also receive referrals from veterinarians whose new clients suffered a betrayal by another vet and encourage their new clients to ask us for assistance to seek justice. We are starting to see more of this, as ethical vets are becoming tired of being looked down upon because of the malpractice of some of their colleagues. It is their way of trying to regain the level of trust the veterinary profession once enjoyed when they were the #3 most respected profession in the United States, behind nurses and pharmacists.

We will ask the person to e-mail all medical records to one of our veterinarians for a review. Most reviews cost between $75 and $200, although the cost may be higher depending on the number of documents that must be reviewed, among other factors.

If a vet finds negligence or malpractice, they will offer to write an opinion letter, which typically costs $75 and up, and on average about $175. This letter is presented to one of our attorneys in the state where the allegations of misconduct took place for review and to offer legal remedies. The letter can be used in small claims court. Some of our attorneys will manage a case on a contingency basis if the vet’s opinion letter provides clear and convincing evidence of negligence or malpractice. Most cases settle with a vet letter, and very few are litigated.

Fees charged by our vets and attorneys are usually well below fees you’ll find outside of Joey’s Legacy; that is, if you can find someone that will review your records and manage your case.

We NEVER ask any of the members we refer to our experts to report back to us. Our policy is that everyone’s privacy will be respected at all times. If the member chooses to report back, which most don’t because they signed a non disclosure agreement, then we typically just hear that the case settled, and nothing more.

Joey’s Legacy currently does not, and never has, requested a fee for its referral services. If you feel you may have a case involving practice below the standard of care, please contact us at https://joeyslegacy.org/contact-us

While many seek out Joey’s Legacy when a tragic outcome takes place, it is those that were deceived by the practitioner, who sought to cover up malpractice with a false accounting to the pet parent about what happened, that invariably seek legal remedies as a way to send a strong message to the dishonest practitioner that lying is not acceptable.

Many of our members say that they could eventually find a path to forgiveness and not seek any legal remedies if they were treated with dignity and respect in the aftermath. Hence, “bad actors” (liars) are their own worst enemies. With more truth and transparency among this small group of rogue veterinarians, Joey’s Legacy would almost cease to exist.

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We Seek to Hold Practitioners Accountable, Responsible and Liable!

Joey’s Legacy is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose purpose is advocacy for our companion animals. Best-selling author JL Robb has begun a series of books on veterinary negligence and malpractice called, “Joey’sLegacy-Truth and Integrity in Veterinary Medicine”. Volume One was released in February 2021. and Volume Two was released in December 2021. These books may be purchased at JL Robb’s website https://www.the-end-the-book-the-series.com/joeys-legacy and at Amazon, Amazon.au (Australia), Amazon.ca (Canada) and Amazon.uk (United Kingdom). The hard cover version retails for $35.95, and the soft cover version retails for $23.95. Inquire about bulk discounts.

Has Your Pet Been A Victim?

Joey’s Legacy grieves pet companions that have fallen victim to veterinary negligence, be it permanent injury or death. Our nationwide network of veterinary experts and animal law attorneys seeks to hold negligent practitioners responsible for their mistakes.

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Joey’s Legacy is a non-profit that works with a team of respected veterinarians and attorneys across the country. The expert veterinary team reviews the medical records from the claimant and compiles a letter of opinion regarding the standard of care provided. If negligence or malpractice is determined, the attorney team can pursue the case with the veterinarian. This process generally starts with a demand letter and could proceed to litigation if a settlement is not received. .