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Your donation will help fund our documentaries, which are designed to educate pet parents about the best practices in caring for their companion animals, and will expose the dark side of veterinary medicine: many find out the hard way what goes on behind the scenes.


John Biffar, Nine-time Emmy-award winning producer and director, has assembled a sizzle reel that shares a sneak peek of our documentaries. They are scheduled to be released in the Fall of 2022, and will be appear on PBS and streaming sites, and will be presented at Sundance film festivals, as well as other festivals.

Former Vice-President of Programming at PBS and owner of International Media, Gustavo Sagastume, will oversee the placement of the educational documentary on PBS. We are grateful that Mr. Sagastume has taken an interest in our work.  

Secrets that have been kept hidden from all of us by the veterinary “propaganda machine” for decades will be exposed.

Please consider a donation to Joey’s Legacy, as your donation will help us finish funding these documentaries.

Thank you for accompanying us on this journey for justice. We must speak for our lost family members, whose lives were taken far too soon by reckless, sloppy practitioners. May they all rest in peace.