Sarah Byrd, PhD has worked in the fields of advocacy, trauma and grief for over 20 years. After serving as a police officer in two states and then entering the counseling field, she has worked with individuals in one-on-one settings, and served as a consultant for a national organization working with leadership and facilitators involved in grief groups for human loss. She additionally runs support groups for parents of murdered children. Translating that to the area of pet loss, after witnessing countless individuals suffering after the loss of their furbabies and after losing her own loving German Shepherd named Jerry to veterinary malpractice, she is hoping to help pet parents talk through and develop a pathway to healing.


Sarah Byrd, PhD

Grief and Trauma Counselor

The Radius Consulting Group

Tel: (813) 501-3318

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9 time Emmy-award winning filmmaker John Biffar’s next project is “Joey’s Legacy-The Documentary”, a brilliant unveiling of the dirty little secrets that the veterinary propaganda machine has kept under wraps for years. The documentary will reveal two of the most damaging aspects of this once-beloved profession: the propensity of some veterinarians to cover their malpractice when a patient is lost, and the refusal by American Boards of Veterinary Medicine to discipline their colleagues firmly and fairly, resulting in ongoing violations of veterinary practice by these habitual offenders and unnecessary loss of pet lives. 

Your donation will help fund this documentary which will go a long way to mitigate, or even eliminate, these problems that change lives forever.