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When your veterinarian betrays your trust, Joey’s Legacy has assembled some of the brightest minds in the area of veterinary medicine, grief counseling, and animal law to assist those that come to them with claims of veterinary negligence that cause the permanent injury or death of their loved ones. The mission is to hold practitioners of veterinary medicine accountable for negligence that results in the permanent injuries and deaths of your pet companions. Most veterinarians are caring and compassionate individuals, well-suited for the profession, but there are some veterinarians that place profits before quality care for their patients. Their nationwide network of veterinary experts and animal law attorneys seeks to hold negligent practitioners responsible for their mistakes.

While most veterinarians are compassionate and caring professionals that live the Veterinarian’s Oath every day, there is a minority that refuse to accept responsibility for negligent acts that cause permanent injury and death and who attempt to deflect responsibility onto others, including pet caregivers themselves. Through the book “Joey’s Legacy: Seeking Truth And Integrity In Veterinary Medicine“, find out what veterinarians must do to bring back the respect this profession enjoyed in 2006 when it was ranked the #3 most admired profession by Gallup.

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Pet expert Debra Hamilton interviews other pet lovers on this delightful podcast about pet custody, pet drama, pet problems and pet solutions. Why Do Pets Matter? is a heartfelt podcast dedicated to pets, hosted by pet-focused attorney Debra Hamilton, Esq.
Scott Fine “Joey’s Legacy Dedicated to Justice for Pets” on Why Do Pets Matter? with Debra Hamilton, Esq. Podcast #107

Animal Attorney, Kristina Bergsten, interviews Joey’s Legacy founder, Scott Fine, to discuss the legal landscape of veterinary malpractice and how Scott’s advocacy work is helping turn thousands of underdog stories into peace of mind for pet owners.

We understand how important your pet is to you. That is why our Colorado animal attorneys fight for the underdog in dog bite defense, aggressive or dangerous animal defense, suing police departments when cops shoot dogs, and civil actions such as pet custody (replevin or partition), small claims matters, parvo-puppy purchases from pet stores, personal injury, veterinary malpractice, and animal neglect and animal cruelty.

If you have a problem involving your pet, we can help, no matter what problem you face! 

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All My Children Wear Fur Coats with attorney, animal advocate and pet mom Peggy Hoyt is a weekly “pawcast” for pet lovers and their furry kids. Favorite topics include animal rescue and welfare, pet loss and grief, estate planning for pets, pet health and wellness, unique pet products, protecting pets in disasters, and animal communication, just to name a few. With more than 200 guests since its creation, All My Children Wear Fur Coats has something for every pet pet parent and animal lover. Host, Peggy Hoyt is a Florida estate and elder law attorney whose passion is her six dogs, 3 horses and two cats. She helps her clients and listeners create estate plans for pets…and their people. Peggy grew up in the world of animal welfare (her dad is John A. Hoyt, former President and CEO of The Humane Society of the United States). Today, through this podcast, her estate planning law practice, membership in the Florida Bar Animal Law Section, and as founder/CEO of the 501c3 non-profit Animal Care Trust USA, Inc. she spends all her time advocating for pets and pet parents. Our pets share our day-to-day struggles, adventures and special moments. They love us unconditionally, help reduce stress and even enhance longevity. For all these reasons and so many more, join us each week as we explore solutions for ensuring your pet’s future. Pets are not our whole lives but they make our lives whole.

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9 time Emmy-award winning filmmaker John Biffar’s next project is “Joey’s Legacy-The Documentary”, a brilliant unveiling of the dirty little secrets that the veterinary propaganda machine has kept under wraps for years. The documentary will reveal two of the most damaging aspects of this once-beloved profession: the propensity of some veterinarians to cover their malpractice when a patient is lost, and the refusal by American Boards of Veterinary Medicine to discipline their colleagues firmly and fairly, resulting in ongoing violations of veterinary practice by these habitual offenders and unnecessary loss of pet lives. 

Your donation will help fund this documentary which will go a long way to mitigate, or even eliminate, these problems that change lives forever.

Joey’s Legacy works with a team of respected veterinarians and attorneys across the country. The expert veterinary team reviews the medical records from the claimant and compiles a letter of opinion regarding the standard of care provided. If negligence or malpractice is determined, the attorney team can pursue the case with the veterinarian. This process generally starts with a demand letter and could proceed to litigation if a settlement is not received.