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In 2021, Joey’s Legacy would like to become involved in some large animal advocacy projects, including:

  1. Providing copies of JL Robb’s new book to each of the 50 Boards of Veterinary Medicine in America
  2. Creating professional videos that would be made available to animal law conferences for viewing by animal advocates—attorneys, paralegals, and others that attend those conferences.
  3. Exploring the possibility of the construction of a state-of-the-art veterinary facility that would be a prototype for future facilities.

We are asking you to consider a $60 annual donation to help us fund these and other projects, all in the name of animal advocacy and in memory of our loved ones.

To show our donors appreciation for their ongoing support, we would like to provide them with a number of opportunities to purchase goods and services at discount prices offered by online merchants.

Join Today!We thank you for helping Joey’s Legacy continue to help families with their grieving process as well as legal help!

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