Thomas Nicholl, Esq.

DVM - Florida

Thomas Nicholl is both an attorney and a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. He graduated from Veterinary School in 1975 and has practiced for over 20 years. He also holds a law degree and practices in the Central Florida area.

Robin Cannizzaro

DVM - Florida

Robin is a compassionate Veterinarian, whose passion for her clients pets is only surpassed by her dedication.

Ronald Stone

DVM - Florida

Our mission is to provide local pet owners of Lake, Sumter and Orange counties the best and most personalized state of the art surgery and advanced-level medical care for your family’s pet dogs and cats.

Dr. Angel Brothers

DMV - Alabama

Dr. Brothers graduated from Huntsville High School, went to Lipscomb University in Nashville for a couple of years undergraduate, finished pre-vet studies and graduated from Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1996. She has been in private practice since then.

Janell Dowling


I’m fortunate to be a contributing factor to the health of all my canine, feline, and avian patients. I have the pleasure of informing my clients of the gold standard of care, while helping my clients manage the health of their pet in a way that is practical for them. No harsh judgements, we all do the best we can. My interests include preventative care, soft tissue surgeries, internal medicine, behavior, dental care, and avian medicine. My clients get medical advice based on their individual circumstances that makes every case and every pet unique.

McGee Leonard

DVM - California

Dr. Leonard is a California holistic veterinarian who is board certified in emergency and critical care medicine, and has extensive experience in veterinary cardiology, nephrology, and neurology. Her interests include trauma, transfusion medicine and mechanical ventilation. Dr. Leonard also has expertise in canine rattlesnake envenomation.

Dr. Alisantosa

DVM - California

Dr. Bernadette Alisantosa completed her MPVM degree at the University of California, Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine in 1996. Dr. Alisantosa has been serving as a Veterinary reviewer for JoVE Scientific Video journal since 2010.

Erika Halle


Dr. Erika graduated from Oregon State University in 2010 with her veterinary degree. In addition to all the training that Dr. Erika has completed, the entire 10 years of her professional career experience have been spent in integrative and holistic practice, most of which has been spent in practices that were exclusively integrative.


9 time Emmy-award winning filmmaker John Biffar’s next project is “Joey’s Legacy-The Documentary”, a brilliant unveiling of the dirty little secrets that the veterinary propaganda machine has kept under wraps for years. The documentary will reveal two of the most damaging aspects of this once-beloved profession: the propensity of some veterinarians to cover their malpractice when a patient is lost, and the refusal by American Boards of Veterinary Medicine to discipline their colleagues firmly and fairly, resulting in ongoing violations of veterinary practice by these habitual offenders and unnecessary loss of pet lives. 

Your donation will help fund this documentary which will go a long way to mitigate, or even eliminate, these problems that change lives forever.