Josie Beug, DVM

Nestled within that journey is a personal search for healing, healing of not just the body, but the Mind and the Spirit. The healing paradigms, schools, modalities, and techniques I crossed paths with all came to inhabit a place within my healing toolbox that I bring to every patient I encounter. I have been incredibly honored to have received teachings directly from medicine people spanning a broad range of cultures, belief systems, and perspectives. My experience encompasses ancient indigenous knowledge from 4 different continents: North America, South America, China/Tibet, and Europe. It includes several medical systems: western allopathic medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, homeopathy, quantum energetics to name a few. It does not leave out spiritual healing methods that many would exclude, being “too woo woo”, but I have found are an integral, inseparable part of the great circle of life. I personally know of too many examples of healing that cannot be explained any other way and I refuse to discount it because of a prevailing majority belief system. It would be too great of a betrayal to those individuals, human and animal, that I know and love who have experienced these healings.

When I first heard of the Five Element theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine, something stirred within my heart. I recognized it and was deeply familiar with it, like meeting up with a long lost friend. I named my very first veterinary practice after it, “Five Element Animal Wellness”, and when I rebranded 15 years later, I could not leave it behind. When I first had the idea of creating an online program as a way of sharing my diverse knowledge with interested pet parents, the 5 Elements appeared as the perfect container to organize all of the parts and pieces.

I welcome you into my world, to share a part of this journey with me. Hopefully, you will find a few pieces of knowledge and wisdom that will help you and your animal friends find some measure of healing, happiness, and peace.